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We know the business needs and we know that an essential condition for selling is to have an efficient technical service, fast and skilled, able to solve the specific problems of each machine, as well as answering any question about the operation. Within the group they are responsible for providing a specialized technical service in all areas of the metal-mechanical production. A great team of professionals works both from our installations and throughout the country to solve any problem so our customers can continue producing in the shortest time possible.



· Starting up machines · Ballbar.
· Reparation. · Tensiometer ISO/BT 30/40/50.
· Analysis and error checking. · Tool alignment HSK taper.
· Retrofitting. · Vibration Meter.
· Components updates. · Granite rule.
· After-sales service. · Granite squad (100×100 cms).
· Incidences follow up. · Tool alignment large / small chuck.
· Dedicated telephone line. · Interferometric laser system ML10.
· Environmental compensation EC10 GOLD.